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With years of income tax preparation experience, our team has completed THOUSANDS of tax returns.  We deal with many scenarios and apply our expertise to ensure you receive the largest refund possible.

We have dealt with CRA hundreds of times, often correcting mistakes made by unqualified tax preparers and even CRA errors.

Dan has a Bachelor of Commerce Degree and holds a Distinguished Financial Advisor designation.



With no expensive franchise fees or commercial rent, we keep our expenses low, passing the savings on to you.  Our basic tax preparation rate is just $44.25 + tax, and our Advanced tax preparation rate is $99 + tax.  This is often half the price of what you will pay at the big franchise tax names.  We have no hidden fees or extra charges.

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No need to rush to the tax office during business hours while you juggle your busy schedule.  Our remote service allows you to submit your tax documents at your convenience.  Once we have the necessary information, we complete your tax return while you continue on with your day - no more waiting in a lobby or sitting in front of a typing tax preparer.  

We apply cloud storage technology and allow you to access your documents at your convenience - no more digging through boxes to find old documents.

Our Process


Step 1 Submit Form and Documents

Complete the easy to fill form.  We will reach out shortly after with instructions to submit your documents.

Step 2 Relax

Kick your feet up while we do all the hard work filling out all the right forms and schedules.  If we have more questions, we will let you know.

Step 3 Review

Once we have completed our work we will send you a tax summary to review before filing.

Service List

$44.25 + tax

Basic Return

Includes up to a combination of 10 T-slips, donation receipts, medical receipts, or any other slips

$99 + tax

Advanced Return

  • more than 10 slips

  • sole proprietor

  • rental property

  • stock trades

  • GST/HST preparation and filing

$44.25 + tax

  • GST/HST Filing Only

  • Business Registration

  • Prior Year Returns

$15 + tax

CRA Audit Assitance - Basic Return

$50 + tax

CRA Audit Assistance - Advanced Return

You can purchase Audit Assistance in the event CRA decides to review or audit your return and is asking for proof of documents and you would like our assistance.  If you don't get reviewed or you would like to respond on your own, you do NOT need this service.


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